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Is a specialized yoga studio for women of any age!
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⚡ Healthy spine
Inverted poses allow a natural stretching of the spine, due to a person's own weight. Stretching helps to alleviate the lumbar and cervical regions from tension.
⌨ Working out all the muscles in the body
An unusual position in a hammock helps to avoid muscle imbalances
⏲ Reduction in stress, improved sleep
✅ Stimulation of the brain memory activity
The feeling of flight, maximum relaxation and measured swinging of the hammock help to relieve nervousness and improve the overall emotional health
The increase in oxygen flow to the brain that comes from coups during the aero stretching stimulates the improvement of memory and the creation of new neural connections
Stretching training, which is carried out in the air with specialized hammocks. The author's set of exercises aimed at full-body stretching.
⭐ Improved coordination
Decreased risk of injury.
✨ Improved posture, light step, staying young
Regular classes will help to get rid of slouching, remove the "widow's hump", and fix rounded shoulders. Straight, flexible spine is a prevention of premature aging facial skin
⚡ Learn to do the splits
within 24 hourly trainings
✊ Prevention of the spine, joints
and blood vessels diseases
In our studio, splits are mastered within 2-3 months of regular classes
Stretching is a great way to remove stiffness and pain in the lower back, neck, and knees
The author's program for the flexibility development. A whole range of useful exercises for good stretching, relieving tension and improving health. You can practice stretching at any age, regardless of the available level of training
Aeroyoga is based on interaction with a hammock. It holds part of one's body weight. Due to the forces of gravity, the main principle of aeroyoga is stretching through relaxation.

Decompression of the spine in a hammock reduces the load on the back and neck, and moderate pressure on the joints makes classes comfortable and pain-free. This is useful for everyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle, has scoliosis or other posture disorders.
⭐ Strengthening the body muscles
⚡ Increased stamina
Pump up your legs and buttocks, strengthen your back and arms, work out the abs muscles
Regular workouts will make you stronger and much more resilient
⚡ Better splits
Well-warmed muscles stretch better. Training allows you to devote time not only to the strength component, but also to improve your splits
⭐ Beautiful body curves
⭐ A surge of happiness and strength.
A balanced program helps not only to build muscles, but also to build aesthetically pleasing shape
A few workouts a week, and you will notice being noticeably more energetic
Unique program that combines stretching exercises and active work with weights. A special set of exercises will help to work out the muscles, lose weight and enhance physical skills
Booty+abs workout – strength training, thanks to which you can not only lose excess weight, but also improve your health and strengthen the body. This training will help get rid of flabby skin improve your skin elasticity. Trainings include diverse exercises aimed at working out the legs muscles , glutes and abdominal muscles.The set of exercises is of moderate difficulty, perfect for people with different level of physical condition. In addition to the active workout of the glutes and the press, the training has a restorative tightening effect on the whole body.
⚡ Salvation from the “office syndrome"
Relieve from the "office syndrome". The program helps to relieve tired, weak, stooped back and pain in the neck and lower back;

Getting rid of headaches. This program is suitable for people suffering from migraines, high and low blood pressure.
⭐ Healthy stretching
These classes complement the classic stretching training well, allowing you to remove the stiffness, which enhances a quicker mastery of splits
✊ Peace of mind and control
Training helps to master active breathing, balance out the nervous system, improve sleep and even boost the immune system
A training program aimed at developing the spinal corset muscles, improving the spine and neutralizing the harmful effects of sedentary work and lifestyle
This workout is for those who care about the condition of the body, want to stay young for many years and be energetic at any age.

This program will help to cope with a variety of pelvic floor problems, such as:
- Incontinence;
- Pelvic organ prolapse;
- Pain in the lower back, sacrum, pelvic area;
- Flabby adductor muscles of the thigh;
- Swelling of the legs;

And many other problems!

The results from the classes are excellent:
+ Toned stomach muscles;
+ Good digestion;
+ Strong pelvic floor muscles;
+ No back pain;
+ Increased libido;
+ Gorgeous posture
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About the studio
✨ Welcome to lady stretch! We are Svetlana and Natalya, the founders of the Lady Stretch studio. Our mission is to create workouts that are a perfect for people of all ages.

This is how it all started…
✨We created a mini studio for people, where lavender hammocks give not only a sense of flight but also relaxation and stretching of the whole body.

Stretching is one of the most beneficial workouts for female body. It improves circulation, increases oxygen exchange and normalizes the cycle.

Stretching relaxes and relieves muscle tightness. It relieves nervous tension, anxiety, calms your thoughts and teaches you to listen to your body.

Stretching improves coordination, strengthens joints and makes ligaments more elastic.

It also is excellent for improving mood and self-esteem.

Bring a feeling of lightness and grace in every move, start changing your life with us!
Svetlana was struggling to find a work out routine to help her cope with constant back pain and stiffness in the upper body. Those issues occurred from long hours on computer and on the phone. Sounds familiar, right?

Natalya’s dream was to master stretching in hammocks. This unique form of exercise always fascinated her with its grace and a sense of flight. However, she lacked a professional approach to these complex exercises.

Svetlana and Natalya met at a regular work out class. And the dream was born … to create a safe place to work out with benefit, purpose and pleasure.

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